Feedback on question about Progress updates

I thought I share this if someone else is wondering about progress updates. I sent this question to


I supported the Librem 5 crowdfunding campaign and I’m looking forward to the delivery of the phone.

I’ve supported a few other crowdfunding campaign on both Kickstarter and
Indiegogo. I have received weekly or bi-weekly updates for the other campaigns I’ve supported so I was very happy when I read this blog post stating that “Purism will be giving weekly news update posts regarding the Librem 5 phone”. This worked for the first few weeks but now the last report was published in October.

I understand that you guys are busy with building the phone but at the same time since you chosen crowdfunding, then one part is to communicate with the “crowd”/community. Is there any plans to get back to the weekly reports?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this."

And I got this reply.


Well, we consider Librem not as crowdfunding project anymore, you can pre-order it now, so it is going to happen for sure.

Progress reports will be published when our devs have time to write it, actually. I suggest you to join our matrix community/public chat rooms, some devs post screenshots and videos of their progress there.

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I see the “progress report” discussion from a slightly different view:

At the moment I’m following the progress of two projects: Purism’s Librem 5 and Mycroft AI’s Mark II. As different as they may be, they both need the momentum of visibility in the media to succeed.

While Mycroft tries to keeps up a steady flow of information in social media, blogs and other informational resources, it has become a bit quiet lately around Purism. I could be wrong, but I observe that Purism with it’s Librem 5 is not really present in the media any more.

Progress reports of the devs in the matrix rooms are great for everybody already involved in the project and they are much appreciated, but don’t help much to attract new customers.

So I’d really like to see regular progress updates for all the people not following the project so closely. It’s a visible sign that development progresses and it could convince some of those who are hesitant to buy the phone.

That being said, I know it’s much more important that the devs are not distracted by having to write progress reports. :grinning:


progress reports in matrix are quite useless as you can’t search for it. if you dont read all the post they just get lost.

progress reports on software are currently out of scope as well as upgraded software can be downloaded and installed. if the software progresses, fine.

only the progress of the hardware is of interest currently as once shipped you cant change it. and it should be managable to drop some information about it, shouldnt it?

( i know many people are more interested in discussion the gnome or kde, the telegram or jabber, or any other software flame war but hey, you can change that. its open, its free. )