Some weird graphical thing

Sometimes, not always, when I upload an image to the Internet for a profile picture, it will let me upload the picture but then it shows as a rainbow of colored lined running vertically. This has been since I got the computer and occurs no matter what OS I have run as of yet. I am finally writing about it cause frankly I didn’t care, but now I gotta run scripts thru my browser and I cannot see the output, this is a browser app for training linux users. On TestOut, the have a simulated computer than I have access too and I can run commands etc, well it doesn’t always do this. I noticed it today when doing assignments and the output was large enough with text, I assume I could scroll the screen ot page down to view more results in the list.

Anyone know what this could be caused by?

It does this is I upload a photo to a forum, weirdly not this one. . . not even google, weird. The rainbow of colored lines fills the area where the avatar or photo displays. The same for the TestOut app, completely fills the screen of the apps screen (where the photo would be) or where the display image is, not my entire screen. I have updated the firmware, which resolved an issue of flickering I had originally and that hasn’t been an issue since. But it did not fix this issue I am talking about now.

Just curious. I would like to use the Purism to do my school work. I couldn’t care less if I couldn’t upload an avatar to some websites. I tested this on a VM I have in Gnome Boxes but it does the same (regarding the testout app)

Would this me an issue I could fix?

Using latest kernal, latest pure os, latest pop os, latest parrot os, libremwolf with only default ublock add on with added canvas blocker. Does not seem to have an affect that I can tell. I did just test this with firefox and there is no issue with the testout, (narrowed down to LibreWolf)

What would be in librewolf that could cause this, and would anyone else have experienced this with a librem 14 or mini in librewolf? Uploading photos bug? cheers.

This does sound like a browser bug.

If relevant, start by eliminating any add-ons, plugins or extensions. If it still occurs, maybe see whether you can get any interest from the people who produce LibreWolf.

Other things to try:

  • use a clean profile
  • toggle hardware acceleration in the browser settings

Ill try that from a fresh and clean install of the browser.