Soooo where is support forum?

first login, i’m looking for a support topic/section but can only find a “not intended for support” mention…
i don’t wanna post where i’m not supposed to?
(i have a NIC problem with my brand new librem mini)
so my question is where should i post, to get some support either from community or from purism engineer/techies…

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The best way to get support is to email (verify the email but from memory I think that’s it)

Generally, if you post in the forum section for the device you’re asking questions about you can get community support. Though if it’s under warranty the community will likely recommend you send an email to support since that is generally the best solution.

This is the support forum if you want answers from the community. Create a new topic and use a clear title for your topic and select the category of “Librem” if you are asking about the Librem 13/14/15/Mini/Server.

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thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hello @Funky

I just sent you an email about your issue. Like it was said here before, this is a community forum. mostly for replies from the community.

But feel free to ask away :smiley:

did it come pre-configured with an m2 wifi/bt module or are you referring to the eth-NIC in particular ?
mine came with no m2-wifi/bt (i won’t miss radio much for this device)

the librem mini i ordered has no wifi capabilites. i’m talking about the integrated NIC (realtek)

i’m currently dealing with something else on my LMini but once that’s done maybe i’ll be able to offer something useful …

all right let’s close this thread.
hop into

for the NIC problem

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