Source of Material

Hi people

Very nice (though still too expensive) project
I’d like to ask about the source of material. If with talk about purity, is there any intention to, at least, check where are the materials coming from?
For example, like Fairphone

Many thanks

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I would also be interested to know, however the project is already pushing for a lot from suppliers. There is a certain point when you are just asking for too much all at once. You don’t really need more than one fairphone project to induce change in the market. However my question is how come fairphone doesn’t advertise “any” open hardware licenses. I’d be surprised if purism was 100% sourced from Saudi Arabia :confused: Though I agree that Purism could at least advertise how much of what they use is sourced from some place they can be proud of. At least give one part that’s got a good source, so you can show ya care xD

I found this in the faq, if it helps:
"Where is Purism based?

Short answer: South San Francisco, CA USA

Longer answer: Worldwide. Purism sources component parts from China, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. Purism builds, assembles, quality control tests, and delivers all our hardware from our South San Francisco facility, USA. Purism has employees, contractors, and volunteers from around the world.

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