Sources.list has only one entry

I just did a fresh install of PureOS 8 (Prometheus) and when I try to install emacs-25, it fails.
I find that /etc/apt/sources.list has only one entry, “deb green main”.

Is there a more complete sources.list file floating around somewhere?

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The Emacs 25 package is called emacs25 and not emacs-25.

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Thanks. I was using the PureOS “Software” app and got an error that it couldn’t find imagemagick or something (I did not write down the error message.) Neither the GTK+ nor the Lucid version would install.

I’ll try from the command line instead. Meanwhile I booted my old PureOS installation to get some work done. My old PureOS /etc/apt/sources.list has only one line, too, so that’s not the problem.

Ran “apt install” in a terminal and saw the error message; needed to “apt update” first.