Sparklan WFNB-266AXI(BT) Firmware

Slight unique situation on my hands here. I purchased a Sparklan WFNB-266AXI(BT) wifi module third party and put it in my Librem 5. Is there a script I need to flash open source firmware on the WLAN module in order for it to function correctly and show up?

You need to flash the firmware jail onto the Librem 5, instructions at the link below. The proper software gets loaded during boot with this. Contact Purism support if you run into any issues.

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Thanks, my phone now has the jail flashed and is functioning.


Let us know how it performs, specifically the Bluetooth would be interesting to me.

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I am looking to change to the SparkLAN module. I am somewhat apprehensive about the process.
Could you please advise - how did you go about it? What steps did you take in order to change the module and then flash the software?
Thank you