Special Offer on PureBoot Bundle with Anti-Interdiction

Freedom is essential to security. Purism’s commitment to security and user freedom means we can deliver products and services Big Tech players can’t. We also think security should be convenient and hardware and software should be secure by default. Our approach results in a completely unique combination of security solutions. Security must be anchored in trust. And that starts the moment you power on the computer.

Librem 14 is built with security in mind

We offer PureBoot to secure the boot process. You can opt in for a Librem Key, USB token that you can use to secure the device and your data. You can read more about how these components fit together to protect the entire boot process here. Customers can upgrade to the PureBoot Bundle when ordering a laptop or PC and have PureBoot set up by our experts at our facility located in the U.S.A.

Anti-Interdiction Add-on

We also offer a unique solution for customers who are concerned about their computer being intercepted and tampered with. After all, there is a time gap between when it leaves our fulfillment center and the time they receive and open their box. Our anti-interdiction service is an upgrade to the PureBoot Bundle and offers a high-touch, secure process that is customized based on a particular customer’s threat profile. We’ve found the anti-interdiction service to be popular both for people who face extreme threats, as well as people who just want the peace of mind that their computer has not been tampered with in shipment.

Special Offer for March 2022

If you want to purchase this ultra-secure option, we are offering a special incentive to order it this month. You will get $100 off when you enter “AIDISCOUNT” on checkout. Make sure you choose the PureBoot Anti-Interdiction option on Firmware at the e-store link: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-14/

Remember, this offer is valid only on Librem 14 laptops ordered till 31st march 2022. The offer cannot be combined with any others and our policies still apply.

Wondering which option is best for you? Purism’s Chief Security Officer provides recommendations here.

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one thing Purism is not giving to you (never, ever as it seems) is
Comon, Purism, how long are you dragging your feet to put up documentation for the L14?
Add a section “Librem 14” here: https://docs.puri.sm/
Or make it a dokuwiki, anything…
But stop ignoring this!

I do wish you could have managed a kinder reply, but in any case, we traditionally have put our hardware docs at https://wiki.puri.sm. For instance Librem 14 can be found at https://wiki.puri.sm/hw/L14

I agree that we should merge this with docs.puri.sm so there is a single location for documentation, and there is work underway to do it, we just haven’t completed it yet.

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Just to make this clear. I had several emails to your “support” with the request for documentation.
They always ended in "we forward this to " and then never to be heard again from.
I started several topics with the request for documentation in this forum met with silence from purism.

And the page you are referring to is incomplete at best.
When I had the question about why the L14 is not charging I had to search some info on how to set
threasholds in your firmware. I think it is actually cool that you can define the charging behavior based on your requirements, To be able to use these advanced features you need documentation though.
Same thing with updating your firmware, should be documented.
I could go on, but my point is, your claim to free your users requires documentation so the user actuall know how to use their newly gained freedom.

And about the tone, that is proportional to the length Purism is ignoring this. So deal with it.

We’ve documented these things in posts specific to the subjects, since the Librem 14 was released, but I agree it would be nice to also have it all also show up in the Librem 14 docs [edit they do show up on the wiki already!]. If you look at all of the posts tagged with Librem 14 you can see many helpful guides:

And here are some posts that address your questions specifically, in many cases even including video tutorials:

Now let’s please keep this thread on topic, instead of diving into your personal support complaints.

If you can’t manage to control yourself, and treat others in the forum with respect, you can lose the privilege.

Kyle, you are confused what documentation is.
Documentation is curated, organized information in an accessible format.
What you list is the equivalent of scribbled notes on loose paper or postits stuffed into a cardboard box.
Even if you put a label “Misc” or in your case posts on it doesn’t make it accessible or organized.

Not all of your customers are that invested in the technology Purism is offering and you have to readjust to what can be considered reasonable expectation.
Here is a reasonable expectation: when an average customer needs information about a purism product she/he/x will go to https://puri.sm/ -> Support -> Documentation
And for almost all Products you provide that documentation. But not for the Librem 14.
So all what you wrote up ther is BS and you are in denial about this.
If you put the information up and linkfrom there to your examples it makes great documentation.
So I really know why purism is dragging its feet.

And about the “control yourself”; I’ll take it under advisement.