Specs should be more detailed on the Librem 14's shopping page

I noticed that the shopping page for the Librem 14 (https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-14/) doesn’t have much info under its “Specifications”

Specifications :
Screen : 14″ matte 1920×1080
CPU : Intel Core i7 10710U, 6 cores & 12 threads
RAM : up to 64GB
GPU : Intel UHD Graphics 620
Storage : 2 x NVMe-capable M.2 slots
Keyboard : English (US)

It would be helpful to have this information added, so buyers don’t have to search for it:

CPU : Intel Core i7 10710U (Comet Lake), 6 cores/12 threads, up to 4.7 GHz, 12 MB L3 cache
RAM : 2x SO-DIMM slots, up to 64GB, DDR4
Storage : 2x SATA+NVMe-capable 2280 M.2 slots
Dimensions : 322 x 220 x 17 mm / 12.7 x 8.7 x 0.67 in
Weight : 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs
Kill Switches : WiFi/Bluetooth, webcam/microphone


Except that’s sort of not true at the moment, due to the battery situation.

Immediately below that section, the shopping page for the L14 explains that you need the 3 cell battery to use the second M.2 port, so no need to list it there in my opinion.

… which is unavailable. Right?

Right, but that is obvious from the text on the current page. My issue is that Purism shouldn’t make the buyer hunt for info about the CPU, the dimensions and type of SSD, the weight, dimensions, the type of RAM, etc.


Are these slots actually capable of sata m.2 support or nvme only? I see you changing it but haven’t seen anything saying that they actually support sata as not all nvme capable m.2 slots also support sata (found that out the hard way).

It has been stated: New Post: Librem 14 Status Update: EVT2 Sample Is Almost There

That is true but it is my understanding that that is not the case in the Librem 14 i.e. the M.2 slots in the Librem 14 have both sets of pins connected and the chipset supports both interfaces (and within PCIe support, specifically supports NVMe).

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Purism offers both SATA and NVMe M.2 drives as options on that same page, and the L14’s product description page says:

Storage: 2 SATA + NVMe-capable 80mm M.2 slots


we wouldn’t list them as SATA capable if they weren’t

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I wouldn’t expect you to which is why I asked the question.

FWIW the context is that you’re not listing them as sata capable in that location currently and the proposed change would.

Sure it’s documented elsewhere that way, which I had freely admitted I hadn’t seen and others pointed me to after I asked, but I do think that context is important.


For sure. If they are listed as SATA-capable in one location and not listed as SATA-capable in another location then the potential customer has no way to decide which location is correct and which location is incorrect.

So that particular specification is not very meaningful. It either triggers a pre-sales enquiry or the customer puts more value in per time, and couldn’t be bothered making that enquiry.

To be honest, I am not sure why you would get a good spec, relatively expensive, laptop and an SSD and then slow the computer as a whole right down by using the SATA interface - but that’s just me.

At the low end of disk capacity there isn’t even much price difference.

(My gripe was with the number of slots, not the nature of them.)

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