Spell Checking in Multiple languages system wide

I’m wondering what the best way is to spell check in different languages system wide on my Librem 14. I often write in English and Spanish in various apps and would like to have spellcheck / suggestions (often just the accents of Spanish words) given in real time, and the ability to quickly change which language I want the system to use for spell checking when I’m writing. Many thanks.

The behavior might differ depending on the ‘app’. In LibreOffice, you can specify the language that applies to a paragraph or to a block of text within a paragraph. Maybe LibreOffice could then apply spellchecking using the particular language that applies at a point in the document. That approach could also work with any app that uses HTML internally.

I can’t test it as I don’t have any dictionary other than English installed.

This is a slightly different approach as compared with what you asked for: quickly change which language I want the system to use for spell checking.

Thank you. Yes, I’m looking for something that works system wide. I found some instructions of how to do this in the Region and Language settings, but not sure if they apply any more as they were a few years old. See this link and comment by sequentious (4th one down the page):

Specifically what I don’t find is the “Other (Typing Booster)” input source. Not sure if I have to add this separately or if it doesn’t exist anymore.