Split PureOS category?

I’m wondering whether the PureOS category should be split into

PureOS on Purism hardware (Librem)


PureOS on random other hardware

(category names not as suggested, only for explanation)

There seems to be a steady stream of people attempting to install PureOS on random hardware, with varying degrees of success, and the usual problems with BIOS v. UEFI, hardware components that only work with blackbox software i.e. expectations should be “open”. It might work. It might not work. It might not work at all. It might basically work but some components don’t work - and enough might work to get those components working. Or maybe not.

On the other hand, it is expected that PureOS works on Purism hardware. So users ought only to be having problems with how to use PureOS etc. Where’s my favorite package, XYZ? Need version a.b.c of package XYZ?

The main issue with PureOS being supported in other hardware, and other bootloaders is UEFI support, which PureOS does not yet support.

UEFI support is expected in the next version of PureOS, solving this issue.

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the thing is people flock to where they see the most quality support for THEIR needs …

between just you and me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i don’t believe most people know or understand or CARE what pureOS is or why we need ANOTHER distro around … they just see links and posts flying around like crazy on their Google searches and they click where they feel the most up-to-date links and answers go to or come from :slight_smile:

some of them post on numerous fora online the SAME questions hoping to get a reliable and FREE answer … that MAY never come … or IF it comes, it might be a while before they can follow what advice was given to them on their particular issue …

honestly when i reply i’m like … maybe i should just move along and let someone else give the advice but BECAUSE the GNU/Linux world is SO vast i decide that maybe JUST maybe they’ll pick something up that WORKS for them …

i may not like non-free-software but i’m also aware that MOST hardware around IS closed-hardware and that is a significant obstacle into the GNU/Linux world for a non-techie-person …

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