Spoofed MAC address changes to the original MAC

Have a problem with spoof mac address.
PureOs installed to my laptop (not Librem).
The mac address is spoofed when the network interface is down or not connected to any AP. But as soon as I connect to any access point it changes the spoofed mac address to the original address. Installed macchanger also can’t fix this problem.
In other words when I connect to AP Spoofed MAC address dissappears and the original hardware mac returns.
How to fix this issue?

Try following the instructions in the link below to start macchanger as a service when your Librem boots up. This worked for me.

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Unfortunately your method doesn’t work for me. I found solution in this way:
Create file ’ mac-randomization.conf ’ in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ directory.
In file paste this:


Reboot system