Spot in queue for sale - Oct 2019

Hi everyone
I’m looking to sell my spot in the Librem 5 queue. I now have a greater need for a laptop and Librem mini than I do for a mobile so I’m going to turn my funds into these. I purchased in Sept/Oct 2019 for $699.

I also ordered two screen protectors:	

What I’d like to do is sell the whole bundle for $899USD which will see me posting the screen protectors to you for the price. The protectors cost me $70 to get to Australia on top of the purchase price so this is a pretty reasonable deal. So I have added $130USD to my price as a small offset for the rise of prices in the past few years. It still represents a
saving of $400USD plus a significant jump up the queue.

I have the protectors in my possession now so they will be posted straight away.

If anyone is interested the way that it works is that you would establish an account with Purism if you don’t already have one. No need to do that if you already have an account. You would pay the additional $200 into my paypal account and then you would pay into the Purism account. Purism would transfer the details of my purchase to your account including warranty and delivery address. Things like modem are decided later. They would then credit my account.

I have confirmed this process with Purism and this how they have advised me.

If anyone is interested shoot me a DM to get it happening. I have no idea if this will appeal to no one or lots. If its lots then its first person to express an interest gets the deal. Please be aware that I’d be wanting the $200USD paypal deposit to be completed to get the ball rolling.

Spot now not available. Things sorted directly with Purism.

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