Squeekboard 1.13.0 released

Hello everyone,

The Phosh on-screen keyboard has seen a new release! Version 1.13.0 of Squeekboard is out with some new features inside.

  • views within a layout now latch and lock, giving an experience similar to caps-lock from the 5kg metal keyboard I had in the attic in the '90s. Check out the docs for a deep dive
  • special views are flavored by your selected language! Right now only terminal views are provided, but nothing is stopping you from supplying a numerical layout with decimal separator being β€œ,” instead of β€œ.”, or an emoji layout with stuff popular in your language. Thanks to m33!
  • mod4 is supported as a modifier
  • an unlikely crash is made even more unlikely
  • new layouts: Hebrew, wide Thai, wide Colemak, and wide Dvorak. thanks to contributors!

As usual, the code has been improved a little here and there too.

The new version should hit PureOS repos soon. Thank you to all coders, reviewers, issue reporters, and testers for helping. This progress happened because of you.


good job on keeping us posted ! can’t w8 to get my L5 …