Squeekboard release 1.12.0

Hi all,

here’s to announce the latest version of Squeekboard hitting your phones!

Version 1.12.0 has bugfixes:

  • Fixed a crash related to making keyboard visible.
  • Better fallback: when selecting a missing layout named “fr+foo”, “fr” will be used instead.
  • When enabling the keyboard manually, it will never be stuck in the numbers view.

and a bunch of new layouts:

  • Thai
  • US-Colemak
  • Czech layouts
  • Esperanto
  • Bulgarian

plus Norwegian was improved.

Watch this space, something new and fun is coming up in a few!


Hi Dorota! Is Caps-Lock included in this update?

wow that is quite fresh (only a few days ago) > https://downloads.pureos.net/amber/phone/gnome/qemu-x86_64/2021-01-19/

Nope, my solution didn’t get a lot of feedback, so I wasn’t sure if it was beneficial and I didn’t pull the trigger: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/squeekboard/-/merge_requests/416

Unless I get more feedback, I’m going to prune it to keep the current way some things are broken about switching instead of the new uncertain solution, and then submit the pruned version for review.

OK, thanks for the response. I hope something can be implemented eventually.

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Having the L5 on my hands I now see the need to work on gr_wide.yaml, and I also want to make a small modification to gr.yaml. But I can not make it work on my laptop as I was doing in the past when I was creating gr.yaml
I am on L13 with byzantium PureOs. I compiled squeekboard although I later realized I had installed it with apt-get. In any case the compiled sources are in ~/tmp/squeekboard/

I used to run

phoc -l 0 -E ~/tmp/squeekboard/_build/src/squeekboard
and then
python3 ~/tmp/squeekboard/tools/entry.py

The first command gives Error uknown option -l
If I remove -l 0 from the first command a black window opens up. Then the second command creates a window with entries in the first window. but when I click in one of the fields to write something no keyboard appears, although I do have us.yaml in my

The above is one question (how to fix things) and my second question is about the wide mode. On L5 the us_wide gives 4 lines of keys. I think that this is way too much for the height of the screen in landscape. It takes most of the screen… Maybe it would be better to lay the keyboard in two rows instead of four. Is this possible?

Make sure that Squeekboard is running on the same Wayland display as the application it’s supposed to handle. Easiest is to give both the same WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment variable.

You can check if it’s displaying correctly via the command shown in the README:

busctl call --user sm.puri.OSK0 /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 SetVisible b true

OK, so the commands that work for me are:

phoc -E ~/tmp/build/src/squeekboard
WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 python3 ~/tmp/squeekboard/tools/entry.py
busctl call --user sm.puri.OSK0 /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 SetVisible b true

However there is a problem. The gr.yaml works as expected on this window but does not work as expected on L5. I explain: The problem I wanted to fix is that when I press the key to access the accented Greek letters, when I click on an accented letter the keyboard must return to the first layout without the accents.

It should have the same behavior as when you want to write a capital letter in US. You hit a capital letter and the keyboard returns to the lowercase. Same for accented Greek. You should hit an accented letter and it should return to the first layout without the accents.

On phoc window on L13 this works fine. So my gr.yaml should be correct. But on L5 it does not work. I have to press the αι key to return to the plain letters. Can you please verify this behavior @dcz ?

Are you using different versions of Squeekboard? This area got some work recently.

L5 is up to date (amber). On L13 I use the git version. I asked you if you could verify because I just wanted to make sure it is not a problem of gr.yaml Because if gr.yaml has this problem I have to fix it somehow.

You are using different versions of squeekboard then.

OK, yes. Since I have not updated gr.yaml since it was initially submitted I assume the problem is not with my file.

Sticky lock sounds like a good idea. If I’m interpreting it right, I’d assume this would be the functionality by default.

Oh wow. Just realized this is an older post. lol.

It is meant to be default. The next release is blocked by a couple pending bug fixes, so for anyone who wants to help:

Is it planned at some stage to have accented letters in the keyboards by a long press in the letter (and not an additional page with all the accents)? Right now, it’s a little difficult to write in a language with accented letters.

Moreover, I made a Swiss-French keyboard which I wanted to propose but I was not able to register in the Purism Git Repo. I’m still waiting for my registration to be validated since about a week.

Note that the French (Switzerland) keyboard which is available in the parameters of the phone is not a real one, first of all, it should be qwertz.

It’s not a high priority right now, but if someone comes with an implementation, it might.