Sshd on Librem 5 qemu image

I’m trying to get ssh access from my host machine into the librem 5 qcow image. I can see sshd running, but there doesn’t appear to be a route from my host. In fact, ifconfig -a on the librem 5 image shows an address on a virtual network not present on my host. Presumably this is a security issue of qemu, but I don’t see a way to deal with it.

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Have you tried method from official documentation or you’re trying some custom setup?

I had tried some other things from that page, but not that one. Thanks!

I’ve also submitted a MR to update the Librem 5 documentation.

I’ve had this problem with macvtap networks in QEMU/libvirt in the past.

You can make it work by creating a second network interface in libvirt -

For my other VMs, I do this. However, for my Librem 5 VM, I just ssh to another machine and then from there to the VM.