Stable PureOS download for Librem 13

Is it possible to download the version of PureOS that was on my Librem 13v2 when it was shipped to me in late December?

I installed the only version of PureOS available at, but it appears to be a beta of PureOS version 8, and I’m having several problems with it.

My Librem 13v2 was great until I forgot the disk encryption pass phrase and had to re-install PureOS. :frowning:

Where can I download a stable version of PureOS for Librem 13?

It looks like the officially available version from 2018-01-20 is 8.0 Beta 1, have you tried it?:

Yes, I have tried it.That and a 2018-01-18 version (which I have not tried) are the only ones available for download.