Standby mode issues

I’m using PureOS on a Librem 14 and having some issues with standby mode. (Actually I’m not sure of the difference between standby, sleep, hibernate, and suspend. It could be any of those.) I’ve interacted with standby mode twice. Once the system went into standby automatically I think based on a low battery and I wasn’t able to wake it up even after charging. The other time I pressed the sleepy moon / ESC button to lock the screen while I stepped away and had trouble waking it back up.

How is this mode supposed to work? Which button should wake it up?

What is the best way to lock the screen for security while stepping away?

Can I prevent an attached USB disk from being unmounted while the screen is locked?

Standby, suspend, and sleep are generally interchangeable. What they (I’ll just use “sleep”) do is save your current desktop session to RAM and then power off things like the disk and WiFi and monitor and the CPU goes into a very low power state waiting to be woken up. Hibernate is similar except it saves the session to the disk. Sleep resumes (wakes up) faster but hibernate saves more power because it doesn’t have to keep the RAM active.

If you’re just stepping away briefly you can just lock the computer (I believe its Ctrl+L). When you come back (if it doesn’t fall asleep on its own) you just log back in and off you go.

When you say you had trouble waking it up, what do you mean?

to wake up from sleep L14 you have to press power button.
with function+L it only switch off display, system runs, just screen is locked.
do an experiment click sleep in gnome power menu to suspend machine, wait till it “switch off” it will blink power led.
then to wake it up press power button for 0,5s

sleep/standby are different names for same function.
it just freeze system and switch it in to low power mode, cpu is basically doing nothing, msot of hardware is off, only memory consumes power.
hibernate works different thing: it does freeze of the system like in sleep, then dump whole ram to disk, then shutdowns (remember you have to have swap aprtition >= total ram.
then when you run on computer booting kernel deteccts hibernation data in swap, pause startup system, kills everything, then load ram from disk.
sleep vs hibernation == hibernation takes longer to switch on/off system but consumes no power, sleep is faster but you can lose data if system battery will discharge to low… as sleep need constantly keep ram modules powered.

Thank you that’s super helpful.

Can I prevent the system from going to sleep automatically?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for locking the screen? Ctrl+L and Fn+L don’t work on my stock PureOS Librem 14.

Edit: Just found the Automatic Suspend setting but still looking for a shortcut to lock the screen.

Super+L according to Debian.

There it is, thank you.