Starting néw getting laptop

I was wondering if anyone knew the terms that are on the boot menu. I am a noob and is totally lost when trying to start fresh on the laptop. Thank you for any tips

Are you asking what the options mean and which ones to select?
Maybe you could write here the terms you don’t understand. Some of us can then try to help.

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It may help to mention the make and model of laptop; and what firmware version1.

If this is a newly purchased Purism laptop and you need help to boot it then it may also be reasonable to ask Purism directly for support at

Some people have taken photos of the boot screen(s) and posted them here in order to highlight the things that are confusing or unfamiliar.

1 There are two distinct firmware setups for Purism laptops, with confusing and somewhat inconsistent names - but let’s go with “coreboot” and “pureboot”. So, if relevant, which one do you have? and, regardless, what version?

Ok I would like to add that this is the Libre 13 version 4.