Starting recovery shell ~#

Went to Terminal
Ran sudo apt update
Ran sudo apt upgrade
Restarted after upgrade.
gpg: signing failed: timeout
Please unlock the card
Number: xxxx xxxxxxxx
I could not remember PIN
Ended up trying different minue options.
Got to:
!!! Starting recovery shell
Can’t get out of this she’ll to get back to the steps to reset the PIN after the upgrade I ran. HELP PLEASE

Do you know the admin PIN?

I ended up resetting to factory specification.
I’m going to study the sight on the key I found.
Sure would be nice if there was a how to setup your key outline somewhere???
Thanks, Fred

Here ya go:

Hello, the problem you hasd was because PureOS modifies initrd at first boot, you need to re-sign files in /boot the first time you reboot.

One way to solve this is to do a OEM factory reset of Pureboot;