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I have a new Librem 15 with PureOS install. I am just wondering why upon start up after I have entered my disk encryption password I then must enter my user name and password just to get to the point where I can then click on my username, and log in, even though I have already done so.

I’m used to simply passing disk encryption for boot up, then clicking on my username and typing in my password. This, however, requires I type in my username and password, only to then click on my username and type in password again to log in.

Thank you in advance.

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I have not experienced or seen this behavior, so I am guessing. I would go to Settings->Details->Users, if you’re on Gnome, and make certain that it is set up for the correct user login.

Hi Wayne,

That method did remove one of the login requirements, unfortunately, not the one I was hoping for. Attached are the images of login. I’d prefer to remove having to manually type in my username. I would like it to

#1 Ask for disk encryption password
#2 Take me straight to the point where I can click on (or choose) which user I’d like to log in, skipping the other steps of having to type in my username and password.

Also, and I may create another post for this, but more than 50% of the time, after I type in my password, the computer freezes and I have to do a hard shut down and try again. I’m wondering if I should do a fresh install. Perhaps the factory install isn’t so great.

But if I can figure out how to skip those two steps maybe that issue will clear itself up.

Thank you!

p.s. Only allowed to upload one image per post. This is the image of having to type in the user I want to log in. I’d like to get rid of that step completely, along with the following password. I’d like it instead to go straight to choosing my user. Hope that helps!

Okay, sorry for the trouble. I’ve figured out the problem. It was in my attempt to get my VPN working that this problem started. I’ve since removed the conf file out of my /etc/openvpn/ folder and it’s now no longer asking me for the “Enter Auth username” and “Enter password” which actually wasn’t asking me for my username and password, as it was my VPN credentials.

I found out the information here:

Sorry again for the troubles. Problem solved. Hopefully this solves the freezing up during login, too. If not, I’ll create a new post.

I am glad you figured it out.

If you have not done so already, make sure you do an update. That may take care of your other, hanging problem. The model for doing updates has changed since I received my Librem–now there is a stable and a test version–but I had a large number of updates waiting. I would not assume that you have the latest from the ‘factory.’