Status of Suspend for Librem 5

That says “proposes that a component of a system should behave in a way that most users will expect it to behave”.

I would expect it to not warn me. :stuck_out_tongue: You could set the time to suspend to a higher number.

Sorry, but I disagree about how you choose your words.

Also, no matter what I think of the request, I don’t agree with you using words like “the rest of us”.
You can only speak for your self and not for “the rest of us”.

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I appreciate and respect your disagreement. You are wrong and I (obviously) disagree, but seeing free exchange of language that doesn’t fit into neat little boxes is refreshing.

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Sometimes. Infinite options also makes it hard for the developer to develop and hard for the tester to test but I think it is a poor user experience to interrupt the user with a notification that the user cannot disable. So not having this kind of control (option) leads to infinite interruptions, which is also badness.

It is not uncommon UI design to put the option on the notification itself i.e. a checkbox for “I don’t want to be interrupted by this particular notification again”. That means that it should be on by default, and the user doesn’t have to hunt through settings menus to disable it (but the user might have to hunt through settings menus to re-enable it - although I have also seen UI design where the dialog box also directs the user where to go if the user wants to re-enable in the future).

There is no one right answer.

Also, I think the real problem here is that something was taken away. If this notification had never been there, the number of complaints would be lower.

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I expect suspend to happen some time after the screen blanks. It should not go straight from screen on to suspend. If someone is in the middle of doing something, the screen going blank should be the warning, and pressing the power button within a reasonable time should cancel the suspend.


Thanks for the idea. I’ve set now blank screen: after 1 minute and suspend: after 2 minutes. This should do the trick and wake me up from thinking when I think too long.


Does auto suspend work for you after the latest updates?
I have set it to 1 minute and what it does is that it turns on the screen every minute !?

When I suspend manually (from the tweaks app) then it does seem to suspend and stays suspended.

I tried to reboot but it does the same. Anyone experiencing this?

Ah, I need to re-enable auto suspend after base-files got updated. Now the section “Suspend & Power Button” in the Power settings is empty.

Ah, this was because it shows the battery as 0%. What do you do in such a case? I rebooted several times and battery stayed at 0%. The only remedy I found was to remove the battery and re-insert it.

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That’s the only remedy that I know of

It shouldn’t ever show 0% when the battery isn’t near-empty. If it does that regularly, you may want to contact support.

@dos almost never when suspend is disabled. Sometimes (not frequently) it shows 0% when it resumes from suspend althought the true charge is 80% and above (checked after re-insertion).

Thank you, I will keep an eye on this and contact support if it becomes more frequent.

Please gather logs (dmesg) when that happens. I’ve never experienced that on my phone.

OK, I will do that next time it occurs. It is not at all frequent though.

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What’s wrong with the mobile connections lately? When the phone wakes up from suspend in the mornings, it appears as if there is a connection to the mobile network. But when I try to do something online, it tells me there is no adapter present.

I experience something similar. Whenever it wakes up the signal strength bars have always an orange exclamation mark and the icon that shows that there is no data connection stays on. If I flip the HKS of the modem it returns to normal operation until next suspend.

What is this exclamation mark doing there?

The exclamation mark means you don’t have a data connection on your modem.

I do rarely see this when waking from suspend as well. Usually I need to reboot the phone to fix it.

While at home, my cellular connection is stable, without suspend.

Waking from suspend, at home, the connection may or may not show the orange exclamation mark. I’ve been keeping suspend off recently because of this.

I have noticed that in my normal driving routine, and without suspend, the orange exclamation appears about 1/2 of the time, by the time I reach my destination (about 9 miles away, predominantly city driving). It seems that while on the move, it is not uncommon for the cellular connection to be lost.

I have firmware version: M100E_1.0.0_190426,BMC_M100E_1ACD_B325_V1.0.0.0_20190510,M100E_1.0.0_190910 but when calling it while suspended it wakes almost immediately. Is this fixed so that the modem firmware does not need upgraded?

No. Older firmware may be unreliable in waking the phone up, it’s not a binary thing.