Status of Suspend for Librem 5

@dos I also have older firmware, but last time I tested, phone wakes up on call and SMS without issues. Should I upgrade my firmware nevertheless?

As I said above, it’s a matter of reliability. The wake up pin wasn’t driven strong enough on old firmwares, which makes it unreliable. It may work most of the time, but may fail to wake the phone up occasionally. On some devices the issue was more pronounced than on others; it may also be affected by external factors such as temperature. So yeah, if you want to be sure that your phone will be woken up by the modem, update the firmware.

Thank you, I’ll contact the support.

Does updating the firmware require another computer? (Because this (L5) is my only Linux device.)

No, contact, they will provide all details.

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I have using L5 over 1,5 month by now and I really miss a function to auto-suspend at the moment (or max 10s later) I hit the button to lock the phone. Is there any script I could use to achieve this until such feature gets implemented by default?

Not sure if it’s what you’re after, or is too many steps, but the Mobile Settings application has a button to suspend immediately, on the “Librem 5” page.

It works well for me.

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The packages I see for uboot in the apt repo are as follows:

  • u-boot-amlogic
  • u-boot-mvebu
  • u-boot-qcom
  • u-boot-qemu
  • u-boot-rockchip
  • u-boot-rpi
  • u-boot-sunxi
  • u-boot-tegra
  • u-boot-tools

Seems like u-boot-librem-5 is not available in byzantium? I didn’t reinstall my new Librem-5 when I got it (yes, I regret not doing so just in case firmware was out of date)…

My firmware is 2022.10-g9d134279b6
It’d be nice to upgrade the firmware fully so that I can get suspend to work a little better and to be able to unlock boot from SD card as a feature. I know newer versions of uboot allow it, but not sure about this version, as I’ve been unable to boot Mobian from SD. I vermy much would like to get to boot from SD, and even back up data.

I did the uBoot upgrade like described in point 3d) of this post:

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You’re only missing two latest commits that are related to making booting alternative distros easier (no distro I’m aware of utilizes that yet though) and completely unrelated to suspend.


Is it just me, or does the L5 have more trouble than before getting online after a suspend?


It is me too. Not only you.


Also switching between WiFi and mobile data seems to fail more often. I could not really pinpoint what triggers the issues, but I noticed that getting online sometimes need a lot of switching off/on HKS, enabling/disabling WiFi and mobile data.

Yeah, same impression here: as if wifi and mobile connection are somehow interfering or inhibiting each other: mobile internet appeared to come back online after I switched off the wifi module (by HKS). But, haven’t tested that impression, Too many variables.


I am wondering about the same. Have you found a solution to this?


No, unfortunately not. :confused:
I tried to search around but I never really found a clue how to do something about it.
I’m happy to know if anyone have a clue where these are configured/generated.

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I think the L5 is waking up from suspend with system notifications. I’ve noticed it come out with Signal desktop notifications anyways. Anyone else notice?

No, I haven’t. Just with SMS and phone calls.

Odd. Maybe it was coincidental timing being triggered by a button press in my pocket or something.

That and wishful thinking :laughing:


…and MMS and Alarm will. And more…
Purism :wink:

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