Status of Suspend for Librem 5

  1. Screen does not always wake when pressing the power button, even though you cam tell its booted up and running.

Workaround: plugin PD charging cable for some reason that sometimes wakes up the screen.

  1. figured out that if you dont suspend wifi and data modem then the screen wakes back up in the morning reliably,
  2. i noticed that sometimes though the screen rotate function and general screen interactions can become unresponsive at times after wake and some apps like Geary wont launch or display correctly.

Phosh 17 it come with improvement to suspend_to_ram like more Reliable STR, i has been testing Posh 17 5 day ago. Other good purism-fruits on Phosh 17 is the possibility of receiving ACKs from the WLAN by times, then the Librem 5 can achieve notifications by w.l.a.n in suspend mode.
(for ACKs/data it need extra work, not ready by defaults)


After enabling automatic suspend I found the phone in a state where only removing the battery would bring it back to life. No reaction to short nor long presses on the power button. Connecting to the charger would show light the red LED, but that’s the only reaction I could get. AFAICT, once it happened even while connected to the charger, led was dark. Then unplugging the charger and re-inserting in swapped direction brought the red LED to light.

Is there a friendlier method to force-boot an unresponsive phone rather than removing the battery?

Meanwhile I installed rsyslog to check if some last words can be found in syslog. Let’s see.

Not really only removing the battery. It can work if you long press(maybe super long press) the power button to shutdown then long press to power on.

L5 seems has 3 funtions on power button Like

  • press
  • long press
  • super long press
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how long is “super long” ?

I guess it is 30 seconds.
I was testing the suspend-to-ram mode before then sometime the phone not wake up forever, but i just long press or super long press button then fixed, i never removed the battery to booting.

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Holding the power button for about 18 seconds while USB is unplugged should always work.


Purism already started a Burner to upgrade the firmware of modem, i not sure when be ready, but i guess be soon. I hope you fix the modem wake up from suspend mode.


Thanks, the 18sec trick helps a lot. Unfortunately, I might add, as this is saying the phone is getting into that state frequently.
It seems that after each boot, the first suspend allows waking up with a short press, but the second suspend goes into some netherworld, requiring the super long press.
In syslog I can always see the last words PM: suspend entry (deep) followed usually by a block of null bytes indicating some corruption / emergency save(?) before the next boot starts with nothing suspicious looking. Is there a better way of collecting information about the failed wake-up?

Yes, suspend (or actually resume) isn’t stable yet on all devices. I recommend disabling it for now if you experience issues like that, debugging it isn’t exactly straightforward and it’s not some rare issue that needs to be caught in the wild :wink:


Has anyone tried to get an alarm from Clocks to wake up the phone from suspend? rtcwake looks promising, but I have no idea how the interaction between Clocks, auto-suspend and rtcwake could possibly work. Anyone know which backend Clocks uses? Any files that could be inspected during suspend?

I not tested yet the Alarm under suspend mode, but i know that Purism has the Alarm on todo list.
Phosh 17 it featured to work with rtcwake from suspend mode, so i thing Alarm may work already with hwclock.

Tried it. No joy. I ended up waking the phone… :slight_smile:

Thing is, gnome clock has no backend at all. If the clock app quits, no alarm. If the phone is suspended, no alarm. There is an issue filed but no solution yet.


Where are the times of the Commodore 64 with two (2!) hardware alarm-clocks build in? :cry:

Yes indeed, a very interesting device. Thinking of buying one, but:

But some components required to build more Precursor units may not be available for nearly a year, so Huang says the team won’t be able to produce a second batch until late 2022 at the earliest, and possibly early 2023.

Sounds familiar …

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Sadly, yes.

I realize it is a security first device and thats fine, but a black and white screen? Its like a 1990’s Blackberry. I don’t mind the keyboard at all, luv Blackberry devices but just a screen with no color and can’t render the web the right way irks me. Is that going to be the real design? I mean all I really want is phone, SMS, MMS, web browsing, and maybe throw in a navigation app and weather app for good measure and I am satisfied as long as it is not a spy device.