Status of Suspend for Librem 5

there is an issue to track that:



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I’m on kernel 5.16.0-1 and did twice a suspend with:

apt list --installed 2>/dev/null | grep '^linux-image-.*-librem5'
linux-image-5.16.0-1-librem5/byzantium,now 5.16.11pureos2 arm64 [installed,automatic]

echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state


  • display goes off, SSH session frozen (which shows the suspend)
  • phone does not react on incoming call
  • display comes back on short press of power button
  • no further reaction on display nor SSH, only long press to reboot helps


I did two tests with automatic suspend after 15 minutes; result:

  • the device comes back with short press on power button and responds on input from touchscreen
  • an incoming call the Call app, but accepting the call is not possible (no reaction)

It normal that ssh go frozen because the wlan-card it under deep sleep too. Purism it trying to keep alive the wlan card under suspended but seem that redpine card it lacking for a special feature to fully turn ON.

To quick fix this you maybe need to buy a newer batch of modem from Purism store, but i don’t guarantee you it work 100% as my case mi modem work really good even under auto suspend from phosh-setting.

This issue does not happen with me but it could be happen because STR still on testing mode.

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In case you’re right, what’s the solution or end result?

I guess that Purism will perform a hack to enable the WLAN under Redpine card, to get data and notifications all the time under suspended mode but it will consume a little more battery than expected.
Also i guess that Purism will sale an enhanced wlan-card module to fully fix all the issues related to Redpine to get a better L5 funtions.

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I like that on auto suspend-to-ram the Librem 5 it notifies with a blue light that the device will quick enter to suspend-to-ram, it also notifies with a blue light that it is waking up from suspend-to-ram, if the blue light does not turn ON when wake up from suspend-to-ram it means the system crashed then it need a long press to power botton to turn off the machine.
At the moment there is only to 15 minutes at minimun to enter to suspend-to-ram, but i think that 5 minutes to go for suspend-to-ram will help to save more battery.


When does the countdown (of for example 15 minutes) start to run? On last touch on touch screen, and the 15 minutes start from scratch when I touch the touch screen? Or is this just a hard value from the moment of enable auto suspend with this number of minutes?

The countdown seems to start when the screen goes blank, whether by timeout or by pressing the power button. The blue LED slowly pulsates for 3 minutes, after which a press of the power button or volume button wakes it. That is, unless it doesn’t, as others have noted, myself included. Pressing one of those buttons also reactivates the blue LED momentarily before the screen awakes.

So I currently have it disabled. The first day I tested the function, I attempted to check the amount of battery drain and it seemed to be around 6% to 7% per hour, with WiFi and Location on, but mobile and bluetooth off. That’s somewhat better than power drain without suspend, if I’m not mistaken. (I only checked three suspend cycles of one hour each, so not very thorough.)


So there is no non-GUI setting to shorten the time to sleep? I guess I’m used to having a config file for everything in linux.

I did a test today, so on auto suspend-to-ram (configured to 15 minutes) the modem crash all time, but if a use the terminal “sudo systemctl suspend” the modem is not crashing…and i can receive Calls and SMS very good.
So auto suspend it not working with the modem on my case. @dos purism.dos


I’m guessing you could still set it how you want in the terminal…?


That’s what i’m wondering… someday i’ll have my L5 to check :smile:


I would test it, but in the current experimental state, I don’t want to accidentally brick anything. :wink:


I tested the commands it work! i configured to 1 minute. :smiley:
thank you @amarok


It crashing the modem to 1 minute too.


I did a suspend/resume test with my L5, the results are:

  • autosuspend after 15 minutes at 10:06, power 95%

  • wakeup (power button) after 1 hour, at 11:06, power 89% (-6%, with all HKS ‘on’)

  • no modem anymore in status line,

  • toggle HKS off/on, PIN dialog

  • outgoing call did not worked (no call tone)

  • modem disappeared again from status line

  • toggle HKS off/on, PIN dialog

  • a white screen about “something happened, please login again” button

  • after this outgoing call worked, also incoming

  • SSH in worked from wakeup moment


Tested suspend and after 6hrs, wifi on, mobile off, bluetooth off, i still had about 50% battery.

Things that dont seem to work yet:

  1. Alarm daemon is apparently also suspended so suggestions is to not suspend alarm/clock daemon process. (i know it was suspended because on turning the lockscreen display on the time said 0:00 instead of 6:45am briefly before updating)

I didn’t really tinker with it that much with suspend other than my battery life with 15 minutes suspend options gives me about a 5-6% battery drain per hour when idle vs the normal 8-9% per hour drain when suspend is not enabled. So it is a significant improvement, but when I do wake up the phone I just notice the wifi/phone signal takes a few seconds to kick in.