Status of Suspend for Librem 5

That is much better than 6.3%, I thought tlp was not recommended on the L5 yet. Are you using any custom tlp settings or just the standard? Does it make a difference on battery drain when not in suspend too?

I haven’t checked idle consumption for now, will do soon but I don’t have a no-tlp reference.
As for tlp, I did not know it was not recommended… I’m using the default.

See: TLP on Librem 5, would it have any effect?


Haha, thanks, remember now that I asked that question :grin:

Anyhow, if it has an effect on suspend that’s better than nothing.

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I’m at 9% per hour on idle with tlp, would have to check again how it is with tlp disabled.

So I only get a 50% improvement on suspend, which is much lower than what I’ve been getting on the PinePhone, for instance (I think in STR mode, battery can last more than a week).

With all the radios on? Without tlp I have been averaging maybe 12% drain per hour with bluetooth off.

sorry, no, I haven’t inserted my sim in there and I usually keep the mic/cam off so that’s just with wifi/bt (and bt was off)

I tried the suspend mode yesterday. 5 and 15 minutes in battery mode and 1h on power supply. None of them worked. It didn’t awake on pressing the on button nor when receiving a SMS.

Hello, I regularly check on the gitlab and I don’t see so much progress on suspend side (this is not a criticism).

I would just like to know if the team thinks that it is no longer possible to progress on this subject or if there is another reason? Thank you.


I have shared my experience on another thread on the same topic Suspended status and battery

Manually suspending at night and waking it up in the morning works, which can keep the phone running continuously without powering off. Though you will still need a power bank if you travel.

Even with this we can miss a few calls when modem vanishes randomly.

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In order to keep the L5 good for Suspend to Ram and prevent malfuntions on general is important upgrade the u-boot to mainline.

Download this and unzip then install the 2 .deb:

After install the 2 deb packages execute: sudo u-boot-install-librem5 /dev/mmcblk0

Also is important update ModemManager manually to get call in work on STR.
Purism still working on battery life and improvement the suspend to ram status on L5.
With kernel 5.19+ there is improvements for battery life on inactive mode.
Also more cooler while is charching.
Now is possible to listen music with suspend to ram ON.
Purism also making alarm working on Suspend to ram ON.
Purism making a reality all promised for L5.
Many more.


Any advice on how to do this?


then install just 2 packages:
sudo dpkg -i modemmanager_1.18.6-1pureos3*.deb libmm-glib0_1.18.6-1pureos3*.deb



Gracias, I have it all installed and I have my fingers crossed, so far (as I’m typing this from the X Mini) things are all going to work a smidge better.

The convergence piece of the L5 is super compelling stuff!


@2disbetter : Hello, could you please let us know what is your battery life improvement (aka : can you use the L5 a whole day without charging ?) since the link shared by Carlosgonz ? Thank you very much.

@carlosgonz : Thank you for sharing your advises. Do you know if the kernel 5.19+ could fix the problem without us having to do any manual manipulation or some things (like ModemManager) should always be updated manually? Thank you very much


Even with kernel 5.19 still need update ModemManager manually, but Purism is working to quick release the new version modemmanager on 2 0r 3 day, so on that time will get the fix with: apt update & upgrade

Regarding the Power Life on my L5, i get 12 hrs with STR and basic use it like modem and wlan ON(browsing,some calls,some listen music some etc). Note that L5 still neeed fixes on gnu and kernel to get more battery life. So definitely L5 may rich 24 hrs on basic use it.


Thank you for your quick feedback. It is good to hear that they are trying to make the update easier.
Also, 12 hours of basic use is better than before (if I remember well, it was something like 11 hours with screen & wifi off/modem on), but I expect more than that from Purism, so I am happy to hear that they are working on improving the battery life in order to reach 24 hours of basic usage.

Thanks to them for that, I hope to hear soon some improvement about this issue.


This merge request has been accepted and was uploaded to the landing repositories today. If you are using landing you can already install it by doing an update. It should migrate to the byzantium repository in 5 days time.

Also just a tip, to manually install a deb package you can do: sudo apt install ./package-name1.deb ./package-name2.deb.
The difference from using the old: sudo dpkg -i is that the apt method resolves dependencies.

Having an updated kernel and recent u-boot like mentioned above also helps


Hello, please find my feedback about Suspend :

Context :
I have updated from PureOS store and enabled the Suspend after 2mn.
I have disabled the Wifi and enabled the modem.
Then I did not used the phone so much (no web, call, video, etc.), just idle.

Battery life :
In that condition, the Librem 5 is better than before but still improvable.

Calls & modem :
It simply doesn’t work because the suspended status makes the modem lose connection, as if there was no network at all. This makes the L5 impossible to use as it is. Somebody wants to reach you with an important/urgent call? impossible. This is a real priority point to fix.

Conclusion :
So, I can’t consider using my L5, because :

  • either I disable the suspend -> loss of battery life,
  • or I activate the suspend -> loss of network

I appreciate the improvements made since 1 year, but again, the loss of the modem is a real priority point to fix.


4G: VoLTE: I did a test on STR and MMS, so my Librem 5 wakeup from Suspend To Ram succesfully when receive a MMS.