Status of Suspend for Librem 5

@carlosgonz just upgraded L5 with the official update of modemmanager (byzantium). Do I still need to update the u-boot? Or this will come soon officially?

My L5 currently wakes up and rings after suspend for incoming calls. It just takes 4 up to 7 rings to wait on the caller side.

Yes it need be updated manually.

It can not be updated automatic or announced. I fully agree with FSF why the Blobs does not have to be tolerated. Big Risk.
It need be execute manually. To check the current version of U-Boot is: sudo dmesg | grep boot

It true that wake up on 4 rings, before was 3.

L5 wake up on 4 dial rings. || 5, 6, 7 rings mean that modem is crashed.

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Just a moment. I have u_boot_version=2019.04-g17a6c2261c If I do nothing you mean it will never get updated?

What is u-boot? Is it a blob ? But it already has such a blob; version=2019.04, so why it does not get updated automatically? I miss something. Since you wrote “Big Risk” can you please explain?

Old bootloader. If update it to mainline uboot, will get massive bug fixes and features added.

I guess never be automatic updated, it requiere manually but is easy do it. no worries.

Is the bootloader of the L5,same like BIOS in a computer.

I guess it has only 2 blobs for booting, etc. I not really sure how many blobs, but there are not many.

Because it has blobs, can not be include in Pure System is FSF verifed.

Nothing missing, i believe, if so @dos

Blobs sometime add features and bug fixes, but sometime add backdoors and features less plus secret code. Y Sin Libertad.

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I am also on that uboot version, how do I update?

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This is what I do not get. It did come with u-boot version 2019.04. How was that included in PureOs in the first place if not allowed by the FSF verification?

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OK update of u-boot succeeded. How do we get notified for new u-boot version if not officially done?

@tomoqv the commands are above. In a message from carlosgonz.

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Same: sudo dmesg | grep u_boot_version

I think he means how does one know when a new uboot version is released?


No no, this tells me the version I have. It does not tell me that a new version is available. Right?

(yes, what @Gavaudan says)


@antonis Thanks, have updated now.

Good question, sadly i not working for Purism, i can not have a good answer. I guess that the external installer ship/link the blobs for the bootloader. In the way skip the fsf for Pure OS.

I guess is can be tracked here:

I don’t see the message being referred to. How do you update? I also have the old 2019 uboot version

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cat /proc/cmdline will also tell you the u-boot version


Thank you joao.azevedo

@Selendis see this answer:


@joao.azevedo have these been merged already, cant seem to download them with suplied link?

yes it is already in Byzantium


@angus.ainslie / @dos could you maybe make use of the release feature for the U-Boot CI/CD ?
I’d like to make a lil UI to check, download and install u-boot updates, as an aid for ordinary users and a convenience for tech-savvy folks, and I think there should be a better way than grepping for “Release 202x” in the commits or something like that :wink:
Or am I just missing something?


It’s only been about 2 weeks that the archive has been “release” ready. I’ll tag something and try to push out a release