Status op PureOS Flatpak Repository

I installed a while ago the PureOS Flatpak Repository. Actually, I only used it for GNOME Podcasts. However, it seems that new releases of the GNOME Podcast flatpak are not put in the PureOS Flatpak Repository.

So, I’m wondering: what is the status of the PureOS Flatpak Repository? Are the flatpaks there maintained?

In the meantime, I switched back to the Flathub repository for the latest GNOME Podcasts, which works way better than the old version from the PureOS Flatpak Repository.

I use it for Shortwave and a handful of other apps. I do not necessarily know if they are maintained, but I do know they work fine.

There are very little updates to the flatpaks from my experience. I also tried to publish a flatpak on the PureOS flatpak repository but it hasn’t been processed yet.

As far as I know only one person from Purism is responsible for that repository (or at least managing new flatpaks). So I assume maintenance is much slower than on for example which processes changes to flatpaks immediately.

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to have less flatpaks and taking the time to update them manually rather than automatically. But I personally started to use Flathub instead for multiple applications, mostly for compatibility reasons.