Stellarium application

Would it be possible to run stellarium ( on the L5. This would be really cool to discover the sky with this application in hand. It compiles fine on my FreeBSD with KDE and Qt.


I hope so! I have an app like it on my Nexus 6p that doesn’t work because that device has SHIZZLE sensors in it. You could be lost forever if you trusted it’s compass and inclinometer.


That I imagin would be severely taxing the GPU . It would be interesting to see if it would work .

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You can for sure try the web version when you get the phone.


It runs in GNOME Web but it sure hits the CPU hard when opened. The site is responsive but haven’t tried it with touch. So its just a matter of time to see how well it runs on the Librem 5. I’ll let you folks know by the end of the quarter :wink:


I own a bunch of FreeBSD laptops and Ubuntu mobile devices. The laptops run FF 64.0. They do fine with the above web version of stellarium.

My BQ M10 which runs the latest UbuntuTouch version of Canonical, only says “It seems that your browser cannot load Web Addembly!”

My BQ E4.5 which runs the latest UBports version ( only shows a black page with the control elements of stellarium.

In general, I was asking for a version running native on the L5. Could someone with the dev board or from comment on this? Thanks in advance.

A low-powered alternative for stargazers: