Step by step for activating location services and GPS

I am running my Librem 5 on Byzantium, but after searching the forum posts, I cannot locate a good tutorial on how to activate location services and get GPS running.
I am not a Linux wonk, have no problems using Terminal and am not afraid to compile whatever code I may need if someone tells me how to get it.

Look at this previous post: Librem 5 GPS/Location Tracking

(I don’t think a tutorial exists.)

First comment … get GNSS working first before you activate location services.

Second comment … verify whether GNSS is working or not. Maybe it is already working. So:

Step 1: Go outside and sudo cat /dev/gnss0 | grep -i -a gll

The seventh field is the status field. It should be A (valid). It could be V (invalid).

If you are getting V still after a few minutes then spend 20 minutes outside with a clear view of the sky.