Stiff keys on Librem 15 v3

I’ve just received a new Librem 15 and am largely quite satisfied with it so far. However, one thing that’s driving me nuts is the keyboard. The keys are all super stiff and the space bar is particularly bad. I have to put extra effort into typing spaces and I still frequently make typos because of the space bar.

The (late 2011) MacBook Pro I’m coming from was never this bad, even at the end of its life (i.e. now) when lots of the keys had to be pressed super hard to actually register.

Is there anything to be done about this? Will this go away with time? I’ve only been using the laptop for about a day.

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So I actually ended up opening up the laptop because my touchpad stopped working. Weirdly enough once I took some pictures and screwed everything back in exactly (AFAICT) as it was before, the touchpad magically started working again.

However, the space bar is now worse than ever. I sometimes cannot type a space at all, no matter how hard I press the key. Any idea what’s going on here?

Just realized I never updated this - I got it working long ago by playing with how tightly the bottom screws were screwed in.

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