Still possible to wait for the batch Fir?

Been quite a while ago since it was announced. I am wondering if its still possible to choose the Fir batch as an early backer? Do i still get the e-mail asking if i wanna be in evergreen or fir when my turn comes?

it is best if you ask them there

Better question: is there still a Fir batch in plans? Does it make sense?

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They are both good (and related) questions.

Another question is: Assuming that Fir is still planned and it is still possible to nominate to wait for Fir … what is the approximate timeframe?

I’m unsure what “Does it make sense?” means. Does it make sense for Purism to plan for a Fir batch? Does it make sense to wait for it?

I think Purism’s plan for a Fir batch may be contingent on the plans regarding other CPUs (i.e. other than the current i.MX 8M Quad). Has the manufacturer changed its plans, on account of the global chip shortage or for other reasons?


I am interested as well. @todd-weaver @Kyle_Rankin @nicole.faerber

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@Nami, The best way to find out is to email Purism and ask if you can change your order to Fir. Then, let us know what is the response.

As of Nov. 2020, Purism was still saying that Fir would be coming. NXP just started producing the i.MX 8M Plus a couple months ago, so it came about 2 years later than expected, so I’m not surprised that Purism hasn’t said anything publicly. Considering how long it has taken for the i.MX 8M Quad to get mainline Linux support and how many new elements are being added in the Plus (neural processing unit, image signal processor, digital signal processor, advanced 3D audio & hardware video encoding), it will likely take a while to support these new components in the mainline Linux driver, so I do wonder if Fir will even use the Plus.

Instead of upgrading to the Plus, my hope is that Fir will use the existing Quad processor, but add more RAM and Flash storage, and upgrade the USB 2.0 bus to the microSD card to USB 3.0, and add hardened glass to the display, plus reduce the weight and thickness.


am back. So the response I got was this:

(me) Hello. Is it possible to wait for the batch Fir to come out instead of getting the evergreen phone, purchased in 2018.

  • Yes, just let us know your pre-order number.

(me) Also has any new news come up regarding the Fir batch. If possible, people should get an update on it as production continues and if its worth the wait?

  • The only thing sure for now is that the Fir batch will come with updated CPU, I’m afraid we have no news for the time being. Monitor our news blog for updates.

I wouldn’t expect a Fir batch for several years. That’s only my opinion, though.

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