Still waiting for shipment since 8/16/2019

As you can see in the screenshot, I am still waiting for delivery. Anyone know when that might be?


You should remove your order number, because it can be used by other people as a coupon code for buying Purism products!

Considering how busy Purism is and the lack of accurate information, I thought someone here might have some helpful information. I was obviously mistaken.

Which accurate information do you expect? Nobody can do anything with the supply chain problem. Even Apple has problems:


Please erase this post since I appear unable to do so. I am told to contact an admin but don’t know how. Thanks

I’m still waiting for my order from January 15th, 2019.

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Same - Jan 2019 - still waiting.

Just as a reference. I ordered back in September 21 2017, back when the crowdfunding started. I got my phone in beginning on March this year. I think they are still shipping to the original backers from 2018. Just a guess.


same, October 6, 2017

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Same October 23, 2017 - Still waiting

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not in a crowdfund but got ‘trapped’ in such pre-order game sometimes in late 2019. wondering if most got covid-19 and passed away, how would they handle the order to their relatives who may never know such order.

This is the same topic which I arised and then got a ban from Purism. I placed the order last year November, wrote tons of emails to them. Can not get neither my order nor can cancel it or refund my money back? They are not simply answering to emails. This company is the shittest company ever. I hate Purism.

PS. To those stupid people who can not understand. What I am writing here is my personal opinion which I am free to express.

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I do not see any difference between Purism and Facebook. They both ban/delete comments which they do not like.

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Same, June 2018.

It will probably be totally obsolete by the time we get them……

I was going to order other products from them however, now I’m glad I haven’t thrown more hard earns money into the wind.

Lesson learnt! Never again…!

Instead of buying Purism product if I put my money in bitcoin I could get fortune. So, how much I lost in terms of holding my money by Purism and not delivering my order?

I’ve ordered mine in Jan 2019 and I’m still waiting for it as well of course…

But even though this was already a preorder and not the initial campaign anymore, I was aware that it might take a while to receive a working phone and I wanted to support development - I have to admit, though, that I did not expect it to take that long :slight_smile:
By the time it arrives, it will be museum-grade hardware, that is true, but I hope that the software will be ready for everyday use by then and that a better energy-management will be in place.
If that is the case, then I am fine with it.

But by now I am worried quite a bit: When I first read about the discussions on just in time ordering of components I thought to myself that we are talking about such small amounts of chips considering the estimated number of preordered phones and that each and every phone has already been paid for, so it should have been possible to order them in one go to avoid such issues - so to me it felt more like a financial topic. The mails I received in July regarding Purism convertible notes did not make me feel more comfortable either - I share the views jaylittle posted in his thread and the ‘ewer-like’ approach looked kind of strange to me considering the financial preconditions that need to be met to become an ‘accredited investor’.

Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, I will still stick to my order for the time being. But I did not put my money in a L14 as well - instead I bought a laptop by another company that specializes in linux-friendly hardware and that is known to deliver on its promises. I will wait for my L5 to arrive before I think about any other purchases due to the mixed feelings I have regarding transparency and delivery on promises.


AFAIK, Librem 14 has been shipping just fine for quite some time already. Also, looking at how much money Purism collected for their convertible notes, I think we have a good chance of success now, don’t we?

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Last infos on relative threads tell about a lead time of 3 months (13 weeks), when the website still guesses a shipping time of 8 weeks. I would call not call a shipping delay of +60% “just fine”.
We are going through extraordinary times, and reasonable people know and accept that. But I would not say anything was just fine.