Still waiting for shipment since 8/16/2019

I’ve ordered mine in Jan 2019 and I’m still waiting for it as well of course…

But even though this was already a preorder and not the initial campaign anymore, I was aware that it might take a while to receive a working phone and I wanted to support development - I have to admit, though, that I did not expect it to take that long :slight_smile:
By the time it arrives, it will be museum-grade hardware, that is true, but I hope that the software will be ready for everyday use by then and that a better energy-management will be in place.
If that is the case, then I am fine with it.

But by now I am worried quite a bit: When I first read about the discussions on just in time ordering of components I thought to myself that we are talking about such small amounts of chips considering the estimated number of preordered phones and that each and every phone has already been paid for, so it should have been possible to order them in one go to avoid such issues - so to me it felt more like a financial topic. The mails I received in July regarding Purism convertible notes did not make me feel more comfortable either - I share the views jaylittle posted in his thread and the ‘ewer-like’ approach looked kind of strange to me considering the financial preconditions that need to be met to become an ‘accredited investor’.

Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, I will still stick to my order for the time being. But I did not put my money in a L14 as well - instead I bought a laptop by another company that specializes in linux-friendly hardware and that is known to deliver on its promises. I will wait for my L5 to arrive before I think about any other purchases due to the mixed feelings I have regarding transparency and delivery on promises.


AFAIK, Librem 14 has been shipping just fine for quite some time already. Also, looking at how much money Purism collected for their convertible notes, I think we have a good chance of success now, don’t we?

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Last infos on relative threads tell about a lead time of 3 months (13 weeks), when the website still guesses a shipping time of 8 weeks. I would call not call a shipping delay of +60% “just fine”.
We are going through extraordinary times, and reasonable people know and accept that. But I would not say anything was just fine.


Hi fsflover,

I admire your absolute and unquestioning loyalty to purism in all of your posts that I ve seen so far.

For quite a while I also advocated strongly for purism and their products, and I also talked to my friends about it. I stopped doing that - The smokescreen tactics that purism applied with regards to important topics, the constant excuses for delays and their onesided change of conditions regarding already signed contracts (return policy) gave me a pause.
The latest reason that confirmed my rather cautious optimism was the way purism set up and advertised their convertible notes campaign (e.g. to include the money that was raised long ago without really mentioning it & setting up a homepage for it as if it were a simple good to be sold, etc.)
And as mentioned in jaylittles’ thread I linked above - there is no official confirmation available on how much money has really been raised and arrived in their books (at the moment the page states USD 9,657,000).

But my initial advocating of the L5 at least had some humorous side effects - the question whether my ‘Fred Flintstone Stone Age Mobile Brick Phone’ did arrive yet has become the running gag when meeting some of my friends.

At least it’s not a hockey puck! There’s a long tradition of running gags when it comes to Linux phones.

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Hi @PrivateWhite, I have no “absolute and unquestioning loyalty to Purism”. I perfectly understand that they deceived their customers by changing the refund policy and that they almost always delay shipments. However, as @amosbatto explained, they are practically our only hope to get a long-term supported usable Linux phone in this decade. I’ve seen enough reviews of it and believe that it’s real and can be my daily driver even now. People like us should drive the change, so later ordinary people don’t have to forever obey the Apple and Google lords. Their convertible notes campaign started with $2,500,000, because, by the law, they must tell how much money they collected beforehand. It was discussed here on the forums, too.

Just consider, which alternatives we have. Lenovo for Linux laptops, who sold the privacy and security of its customers by infecting its BIOS? Or Apple, who is adding spying software on people’s phones in the next update? I’m not even speaking about Google.

I do have a strong loyalty to free software and freedom in general though, which are strongly supported by Purism.


Oi, don’t you go disparaging the sacred shape (at least in many countries among the arctic circle)! :ice_hockey: :innocent:
Now, I’d rather have my puck with Tux than Clippy :wink:

In September of 2019, I placed my pre-order. I remember the shipping announcement for Aspen and remember wondering whether or not I would be in that shipping group. Little did I know that the line was very long and that I was at the end of it.

One consolation is that I paid $599.00. The price today is $899.00. I din’t know what rate of interest that is. But it probably beats the return from a savings account. Of course, I haven’t received it yet. Hopefully the phone arrives sometime soon.


22.5% compound. Can’t complain about that. :wink:

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Except that it doesn’t represent actual profit.

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Unless you sell your phone.


Unless you have ordered before 2017-10-02 or shelled out for an L5 USA, everybody is still waiting. Patience is a virtue :wink:


Well, they say; Justice delayed is Justice denied. In Purism’s case, delaying the order shipment (for whatever reasons) is making the hardware obsolete.

Maybe it is just me, but if I pay $2,000 for a Librem 5 USA phone then a 32 GB phone is too little for that price. I would expect a 512 GB phone. Again, maybe it is I being me and expecting more for paying more. :smile:

Did you forget that the phone has a microSD card slot for up to 2 TB cards?

@fsflover, one would have to spend little extra beyond the price of $2,000 to get the 2 TB card. so iterating again 32 GB is too little …

And as others, I too, am waiting patiently for my Librem 5 (non-USA) to arrive and do not want to abandon the ship.

I’m not suggesting to a buy a 2 TB card now. This is a possible upgrade for a far future, when it’s reasonably priced.

Today, you can buy a 100-400 GB card for a very good price, so your complain about 32 GB is not fair.

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I don’t know about 2TB, but Amazon has 1 TB cards ranging from about 140-170 USD. I don’t consider that unreasonable given the size.

I put a 512 GB card in mine. Somewhat cheaper than a 1 TB card but still a good amount of storage for an offline copy of my multimedia content.

Storage is getting cheaper all the time. Probably by the time the OP gets per Librem 5, a 1 TB card will cost no more than what I paid for my card of half that size. So you can look on the bright side of the delays. :slight_smile:


A large external drive is great for storage, but applications still have to be installed on the 32GB internal drive, right?


Just curious, how much space is taken on the drive by the OS and pre installed apps on the L5 fresh out of the box?