Still waiting on refund from may

You know as a business owner myself I try to give smaller enterprises as much leeway as possible but I’ve been begging for a refund from a purchase I made months ago (that you were unable or unwilling to deliver, mind you).

I’ve been asking via email and this forum on a regular basis now and all I’ve gotten are empty platitudes. I’d have gone and cancelled the order with my bank if I hadn’t closed that account weeks ago.

Do I really need to start some kind of “anti-Purism” campaign to get a simple refund?


We apologize for the delay. Refunding requires three departments to coordinate, and since we are dedicated most of our time to our phone campaign, this takes more time than usual. We will refund you, no need to worry about it, just please be patient a day or two more.

Thanks for understanding.

I can’t truly say that I understand but please make sure you contact me before issuing the refund. The bank card I used back in MAY is attached to a bank account that no longer exists. So I will need a paypal refund…

wow! sounds like credit card is the way to go, since it gives you protection via chargeback.

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Refunded few days ago. Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences this delay might have caused.