Storage m.2 vs storage 2.5-inch what is the differerce?

I have a broken Librem 13 V3 and I am trying to bring it back to life
I need RAM and storage
thinking of 8 or 16 GB - can it be any company will this work

Crucial 8GB DDR4 2666MHz SODIMM - Laptop Memory

and not sure what do i need for storgae can I get away only with this m.2 storage

Samsung 500GB SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 MZ-V7E500BW

or do i need to use a 2.5inch something

Any clarification would be welcome

The M.2 storage slot offers two possible interface for M.2 2280 storage cards - SATA or NVME. If you go for SATA then the M.2 is just a different form factor, you can use either the 2.5" or the M.2 module, it should not make any significant difference.

But if you should choose NVME then this can only be done with the M.2 slot and NVME offers higher bandwidth, i.e. is significantly faster than SATA.

So if you just want to bring it back to life you can choose the storage that suits you best, if you want best performance from your storage, then go for NVME in the M.2 slot.



thanks @nicole.faerber
Just to clarify
I might as well go with the NVME but would the above samsung nvme be compatible and work with the Librem 13 v3?
and will the Curcial 8/16 GB work with the Librem 13 V3?

My L13 came with 8gb of Kingston RAM, but currently has 32gb of Samsung ram in it. You just need to make sure you get the proper speed ram and physical size.

Also yes the Samsung m.2 NVME 500gb SSD drive you mentioned would work. It is what I have in mine.

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I’ve used that exact stick of NVMe storage, and it is compatible. (Samsung 970 EVO) It’s a pretty good deal, and I haven’t noticed any performance issues with writing to disk.

I can’t speak to the memory however, you can probably find out compatibility by comparing it against the CPU. (CPU model can be found if you go to the purism store, and look at the refurbished 13v3 page)

Thanks everyone for your advice
I’ll try to find the info shoot the ram and I’ll probably get the nvme

You can have one (M.2), the other (2.5" SATA) or both - and as said if you opt for M.2 then you have the choice of SATA interface or NVMe interface (providing! that the drive itself supports your choice).

What makes sense depends on what you intend to do with this resuscitated Librem 13 - how you juggle capacity, cost, bandwidth, weight, …