Storage of Add-ons, application platforms, etc


A fair amount of disk space on the main partition is being used by add-ons. My device shows that I have three different Adwaita themes, two Freedesktop platforms, three different gnome applications platforms (41-43), two different MESA files, two openh264, six Gnome decoration platforms.

Do I need all this? Can I delete some of these things? Are they redundant or necessary?

Sorry, I do not know what these “add-on” platforms do. I am using a lot of space on the main partition on the phone. I have run a disk analyzer and, yes, there are some cache things, etc, that I could clean up but most of the the storage seems to be operating system related.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Those look like they come from flatpaks you installed. Flatpak installations tend to be pretty big because they include everything it needs to run.


That makes sense. Ok. I can check that out.

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So what percentage does df / display?

It is a good idea to baseline that after initial flash (or reflash) and before installing lots of stuff.

95% is what it says. Not sure where I went wrong.

Then that is a problem and you will have to look more closely to see where all your space went.