Store Experience

Hello Team,

I’m sorry to post some lesser positive feedback, which ultimately; cost a highly likely immediate sale.

I’d like to, first and foremost; detail this as mixture of personal, and professional, feedback.

Entirely Negative:

Poor Product ‘customization’ Descriptions

  • The product information page, when customizing, contains very ‘limited’ information. I found myself searching reddit and your forums for appropriate descriptions. (Such as why only 1 RAM module was available - a physical limitation)
  • The product customizations ‘name’ field includes the product price. This means, in cart view; you are duplicating information (Which becomes hard to read)
  • The product customizations do not align with their ‘categories’ on the cart page, further exacerbating the above product name / price detail issue.
  • The AC adapters have… 0… information. I found this quite perplexing, especially with forum posts from international (unlisted) locations requesting more information. I’m from Australia. I assume the ‘UK’ adapter conforms to the 230V@50hz standard?
  • The currency is NOT listed. This was possibly the MOST shocking? Is it automatically detecting my location (I doubt), or am I looking at processing a transaction for a value on one screen, which will be one third again at my bank side (AUD->USD).

Constructive Negative:
Low Quality Images

  • Some of the product images for the Libre13 are extremely low quality, even on a low resolution computer. The mouse over ‘zoomed’ images are extremely grainy and unappealing.

Constructive General:
Warranty Information

  • More information on the warranty would be desirable. I’d really like to get 3 years warranty, but what are the terms and conditions on top of that.

I’m sorry to post something so, nearly blatantly, negative! I am a huge fan of the products overall, and am a soon to be backer of your phone. But I cannot help be utterly disappointed in the store experience for your laptops.