Strange problem with ///////////////////////////////////////

Hello community

I have a strange problem. Every field gets field automatically wit slashes like this ////////////////
This happen in any browser, in file browser, in any program. Its happening also in the password login field at startup and its happening even in the password field for the disk encryption password. A new install didn’t solve the problem. It happens even with a live usb system. and it happens right now, as i write this text.

It’s not the keyboard, because that would act different. Sometimes I can work for hours without this problem, and then its impossible to work.

Am I been hacked? Virus? Ram or other Hardware failure? If somebody could push me in the right direction… thanks

I use fedora 28 on librem 15 rev3

looks like a keyboard key stuck… check if any key r stucked…

Thanks for your answer. Yes, it looks exactly like this, but its not. I can say that with absolute guarantee. It acts different. I don’t use the slash key at all and then it start out of nothing.

okay, so i donk know, i had a similar problem in the idle from python, the key _ showed not showed until i put a less version of the so, in that case the ubuntu mate 15.10 i tryed the 16.10 i guess… anyway, someones will help i hope so…

Thanks mateusm, yes I was thinking to downgrade back to fedora 27 again and see what happend. but since nobody seems to have the same problem, I dont think it solves the problem and i would loose a lot of time again.

My guess is, that coreboot needs to be updated, but I had problems with that too.

so, im a windows user and when i need linux is always those stranges problems … and yes, firmware looks like be some insue (hardware/keyboard) that u can try… but, if was me, n if u had time, try other OS… could be a kernel but relative of your hardware, im afraid to say, could be anything… ty

Well, i was a teacher on Windows many years ago, thats why i changed to mac. I was tired reinstalling systems every view months. Since then it only get worse. Today, mac is not an option anymore, because theire software is not as good anymore and they charge way too much for their hardware and service is expencive on top of that. Yes, with linux you may have problems too, but most time you can solve it thanks to open source and the amazing community. But linux also has the same problem like Win, they solve a bug and implement a new one. Really crap, we are fucked. Its time, that somebody who cares about safety brings a new system. I wonder how Musk can do it with his rocket company space x and tesla. Imagine, they would run on windows or linux, he would not have a company anymore. But nobody seams to be capable to build an OS for a fucking PC architecture which is decades old in its principals

YEah, i guess its too much split n projects, anyway, I use win for mining and games, i never used mac, and working i use linux because its free , no licences, but its frustrating when things dont work well…