Stripe Concerns

Purism is a company which advocates for digital privacy and technology which respects our freedoms, but I have some concerns about the use of Stripe to process payments for Purism products.

When I get to the checkout page on the Purism store, I am told there are EIGHTEEN cross-site trackers, pretty much all from Stripe. I decided to look into this after seeing this blog post:

Stripe’s response:

Here they claim that is only to prevent fraud, but I am curious is any privacy-conscious people here have recommendations for payment processors who don’t collect this data.

Ooh. Seems interesting. Kinda spoopy. I am not really sure about payment processes so gl with your research.

all banks (or most) are part of a larger global monetary fund Bank that has it’s tentacles spread far and wide … Google is nothing compared to this system … not even the entire worlds military budgets compared to this whole octopus …

isn’t it already bad enough that your bank can see everything and everywhere your money goes and could covertly influence or nudge certain tendencies that they deem against THEIR well-being ? Google has almost 200 billion annual revenue but that is peanuts compared to the current financial monstrosity that is the world-banking-system … gatekeepers ? yes and much more …

some people use multiple sub-credit-cards that are tied to the MAIN credit-card and believe they are more private that way. in the global-database each of us ‘indexed-people’ is just one search away … i remember how Snowden described a sys-admin as someone with Godlike powers in the digital-realm :wink:

there is a system called GNU/Taler that was tested in Geneva some moon ago and it seems quite promising but it only goes so far …

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