Stuck at Old Kernel Version in PureOS


I’m stuck at kernel version 5.10 regardless of whatever method I try (even despite linux search cmd I can’t get any newer kernel version). As additional information, I installed PureOS on my Librem 14 laptop (with Pureboot software) with two SSDs as a dual boot configuration with Qubes via a live USB just to test features initially. To be honest, I hope there will be a community guideline of how to upgrade kernels in this distro since I haven’t found anything close in PureOS (if I’m wrong, please send me the corresponding link).

Thank you!

sudo apt full-upgrade doesn’t work for you?

The latest kernel for laptops available in PureOS Byzantium right now is 5.10.158, which has been released in December 2022. The same applies to Debian Bullseye, which Byzantium is tracking.


Well you know the Army policy, if you can’t make General, its up or out.

I‘m like fr stuck at 5.10 despite full-upgrade cmd… lol

Interesting. Why can’t PureOS devs upgrade their kernel to something more modern like 6.0 + and how is this up to date for nowadays cyber threats?

Hmm … What else do you suggest? Should I pick a more updated Linux distro like BlackArch, Parrot OS, Kali Linux, or Discreete?

Why exactly is Byzantium preferred?

It is up to date - well, almost, since the latest 5.10 kernel upstream has been released last week. Debian will catch up eventually, and so will PureOS.

Depends on the threat but security updates tend to get backported.

Don’t mind me, It was just a play on the American pronounciation of Colonel.