Stuck in recovery shell after updating Pureboot- Librem Mini V2

I added the new Pureboot settings and tried to do the OEM reset as instructed after that, but now when i boot im stuck in the recovery shell. This is the message showing:

" *** Found verified kexec boot params
gpg: verify signatures failed: Unknown system error
!!!ERROR: Invalid signature on kexec boot params !!!
!!! Failed default boot
!!! Starting recovery shell
~# "

Does anyone know what to do now?
Is the USB drive for OEM reset important in these instructions, whats it for i didnt do that?

I can almost taste that freedom :slight_smile:

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It was the OEM reset needed doing again. Matter closed, working PureOS at long last, so happy thanks all for the help and if anyone wants help how i did it just ask you can message me at too im on there more than here


Great, mark your answer as a solution.