Submit anonymous feedback?

I see the post about “how to properly send emails to Purism”. However, there’s no way to anonymously send Purism feedback – i.e. a feedback form where I can input my Altmails email address for reply. Seems like something a privacy focused company should support.

If there’s a way to do this, please let me know.

Anonymity from whom?

Maybe try using the Message feature of this forum software.

Anonymity from Purism.

Appreciate your suggestion. Poked around a bit and don’t see how to DM. If it worked, I suppose I would message the CEO or one of the listed teams. Seems roundabout. There should just be a contact us form.

I’m confused then. How is email from a throwaway address not anonymous from Purism?

Just create x$RANDOM$RANDOM$ (or whatever) and send your email.

If you don’t need a reply (i.e. you literally just want to give feedback) then you don’t even really need an email address.

For anonymity from Purism, email is perhaps marginally more anonymous than sending a Message via the forum.

Also, there is a difference between anonymous and private. If you want “anonymous” but don’t care about “private” then create a second forum account and put a post in Site Feedback.

One way: Find a post by the user that you want to Message, click the name, and then there’s a button for Message. You can practice on me if you want. :wink:

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Appreciate the instructions. I really don’t see an option to send a DM. Maybe because my account is new.

Regarding “”, you’re right it should be that easy. However, many disposable and semi-anonymous email sites (ie, don’t allow you to send a message (though some allow you to reply to messages you receive). So that’s why a contact us form would be nice.

For a privacy first company it just says “we care”.

Also, Purism publishing a PGP key for those who want to send Purism encrypted messages also seems like a no brainer.

Most of the Purism staff have PGP keys listed on the team page:

True but no email addresses for the team members, and no PGP key for a “general” email contact. Seems like there’s a lot of opportunities for Purism to improve their communications channels. May explain why they’re feeling overrun.

What is the sense to send the feedbacks to company who does not care about them?

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Thanks for all the perspective folks. I consider my question answered at this point.

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Could be.

That probably makes sense. If you are encrypting for the recipient then the recipient is supposed to keep the private key secret and that isn’t directly possible with a shared mailbox.

To add to the difficulty, I expect that at least some “freemail” providers don’t even support PGP.

You could register your own domain (keeping the domain anonymous from Purism) and then you can bypass any restrictions on creating new random local users. :wink: (If you don’t require a response from Purism then in theory you don’t even need any hosting for that domain.)

On a couple of web sites that I administer, I do provide a random contact form and the person making the contact is free to include whatever identifying information the person wants (i.e. none, some, a lot) - other than the IP address which is always included … BUT in that case anti-robot technology is a must and anti-spam filtering is desirable. That is the sad reality of the internet.

Appreciate the thoughtful response! Are you a Purism user as well? I’m excited about the future of the platform and hope the best for Purism – and privacy!!

I am the proud owner of a Librem 5.

Oh, rub it in, why don’t ya? :rofl: