Successful multi-boot OS X/macOS (hackintosh) on Purism hardware?


you don’t have to, I now offer one for all Purism Librem laptops, via my ChromeOS Firmware Utility Script (which I may need to rename now that I’m supporting more than just ChromeOS devices)


Thank you for continuing to help me out here :raised_hands:

A few roadblocks I am encountering:

  1. I tried running the script you linked to above and got an error that I needed to run with iomem = relaxed.

  2. I cannot figure out how to either boot into the Grub menu (holding down shift doesn’t do a thing) nor edit the grub menu in PureOS once booted.

These seem like n00b questions and I swear I’ve put at least 2 hours into figuring this out but so far, no dice.


A little more information from a thread MrChromebox helped me with:

Just do a search on DDG for adding iomem=relaxed to grub kernel arguments and you’ll find out how to do that. Really easy, but like most things with Linux, just need to do a quick search first.


either press tab/ESC after ‘Booting From Hard Disk’ to bring up the grub menu and edit the command line before booting, or edit (as sudo) /etc/default/grub and add to end of command line params, save, and run (as sudo) update-grub


I got it to work and ran the script, now it won’t boot from my bootstick. I am remaking it according to the instructions on the Apple website:


well no, there’s lots of workarounds needed for making a Hackintosh setup work (and lots of resources for doing so as well). You can’t just boot the installer and install like a normal OS


Got it, thank you for clarifying. Will go spelunking and see what I find :smiley:


For those playing the home game, I am going to run through this sucker cover to cover and see what happens:


In case it is not obvious to all

is a one-off change,


is a permanent (until explicitly and manually reversed) change.