Suggest a Lightweight Portable Monitor for Mini

Hey, is it possible to use USB-C port on your Librem Mini use a “portable monitor” for both display and power?

I guess one USB-C cable from the mini-pc should supply power and display to the monitor at the same time. Anybody had any problems with that?

If that’s working, I’d love to get a portable and even ultrawide monitor (to carry inside a suitcase) (around 29 inches). Are there any? I’m looking for suggestions.

no, the USB-C port on the Mini does not provide display output, nor support USB-PD. It’s just a regular USB 3.0 port with a type-C connector.

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Is there any dongles or adapters for mini which would make life easier in terms of using a monitor?

That would depend on the monitor(s). The mini has 1 HDMI connector and 1 DisplayPort connector. If the monitor has HDMI in, then no adapter/dingle would be needed to go from HDMI to HDMI. If you want to use a second monitor with HDMI then either a displayport to HDMI dongle or displayport to HDMI cable would be helpful.

There are a significant number of combinations here, but that is the general idea of how you would decide what dangles, if any, are relevant for you.