Suggestion: Fingerprints

I’ve seen quite a bit of people complaining the surface of the librem-laptops showing fingerprints would be an annoyance. While that’s right - fingerprint-traces quickly add up on the surface, there might be a workaround (that won’t suite everybody, but i’ll mention it anyways):

If you’ve got fingerprint-marks on your surface you can
a) wipe it off with a cloth - get a (seemingly, while that’s probably wrong) totally clean surface - and do that over and over again
b) just wipe the surface with your hand, spreading those fingerprints, make it looking like clean (as you can’t distinguish differences)

I tried. You won’t see new fingerprints. It doesn’t look dirty. It actually isn’t dirty in the sense of “bloody hell is that dirty”. You just can’t see that there might be something.

So - there you go. Two options :wink:

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I believe matte textures don’t leave fingerprints so Purism could do that for their next laptops, instead of buying a new material they just should rework the existing one and turn it into matte.

This is how you’d do it manually on simple plastic, while Purism could just ask their manufacturers to do this automatically/professionally.

edit: The video is not a call to do that on your laptop, it serves as an information per se, showing how can one create such a surface on a regular piece of plastic!

I might be wrong, but my laptops surface is matte. And please - be careful regarding creating a surface like brushed aluminium like the linked video is showing: The laptop’s alu-surface should carry a coating/eloxation. Don’t rub any of it off… reckon, you’d not have much fun afterwards… :wink:

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Yes mine and others I’ve seen are all matte. Definitely has fingerprint issues, but I still really like the look/feel of it compared to other devices.