Suggestion: Logo stickers

I salute Purism’s decision of not “labeling” their products with logos though some people may want to carry openly the brand with proud :blush: and this is where some High Quality stickers will come in handy. Maybe a pack of 8 - 12 stickers, featuring “Purism”, “PureOS”, “Librem” and so on?

Just like how we select a product build, like RAM or Keyboard layout, we could select if we want the stickers or not (by default: no, since that’s the current setup).

Any thoughts on this?


Good idea!

The other day I drove behind a car which had two Apple stickers neatly aligned left and right of the license plate. I wondered how one could possibly care enouhg to buy two stickers of their favourite brand just to ruin a perfectly nice-looking upper-class car… Then it appeared to me that the stickers might have come for “free” with all the Apple stuff he owns…

Definitely a good way to rise awareness without forcing people to have the logo on the devices!


Apple stickers were definitely included in the products from the iPod era.

+1 on that, I’d love to have a few stickers :slight_smile:


I really wish that we could make an option to have a huge prominent Purism logo on the back of our laptop beautifually etched onto the chassis. I would love to proudly display such a logo. I understand the reasons for not including but I still want it . . .
+1 for stickers in the meantime.


I’d go even further and suggest more options for us to choose from, like:

  • plain logos in different sizes and designs
  • logos with tag lines in different sizes and designs
  • mixed and in different sizes and designs

or even better, have all the logo types listed with some details (such as size + a thumbnail) so we could pick individually :upside_down_face:

If anyone is going to create stickers, I recommend laser cut vinyl decals. It’s not hard to apply, looks awesome, and is really durable.

Hi all,

A bit of necrobumping here, as there was no feedback from Purism staff :slight_smile:

There seems to be a general demand for branding material. More generally, there seems to be a demand for pride-displaying and awareness spreading material.

I would love to have a minimalistic Purism wallpaper, a pile of stickers (mostly to stick on gear, vandalism is bad press) or more generally a “media kit”. This would not exactly be a press kit, rather the .svg copyleft material.

@jeff this is probably your domain! Do you have material branding (stickers) down the pipe at the moment? Is there a place where copyleft stuff is available for people to participate in branding?



I ordered this!

And the inverse color!


The “exportation hub” at one of the local libraries has a vinyl l cutter and I have been thinking about getting some tiff or sgl outlies and making a custom sticker set for my “travel laptop”. heck I even have a mental design in my mind to use if I ever have the money to buy one of these systems. and yes it does involve a nice GNU in center.

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