Suggestion: Open a launchpad pool

It can help purism if they do that
If someone know a launchpad platform that offer reward to stakers by platform general token instead of project specific tokens (a.k.a IDO) suggest it. it is not because I don’t believe in Purism but for some personal reasons I prefer such launchpad over IDO
I know my self two of such platforms:
1- Steemhunt. It doesn’t have steemit blockchain 7 days upvote time-limit (I don’t know how such think possible)
P.S. Steemit blockchain which Steemhunt is based on it is acquired by china (permanent 51% attack) Its news caused steemit price crash. I don’t know why no body randomize DPoS
2- I know other launchpad that I would mention it later. It is based on Arbitrum blockchain which its gas fees are a little discouraging

The second one was