Suggestions for External Monitor on L14

Hi there guys! I’m looking for anyone with experience in what works in make/model of docking stations, etc. for use in dual monitor setup with the Librem 14. I have two DP monitors and have been unsuccessful in using a Display Link to Dual DP out on the USB-C port.

I’d love to have a docking station of sorts, not sure what works. Give me your suggestions and help a fellow forum user out! Have a good one and thanks in advance :wink:

This is a limitation of DP over USB-C which only supports 1 monitor output. There is MST but that requires a monitor which supports that technology.

Ok everyone. I now have the DisplayLink device working, using PureOS 10 and the manufactures drivers for Ubuntu. Both external DP monitors are working now, and there is support for the ethernet device on it as well. So I guess there is a way on the L14 for this setup to be configured :wink: