Support for pass and its eco-system on librem 5?


I rely on pass to store my password on my various machines. however a cli is not really practical on phone.

So is there any plan for a form of integration of one of the existing gui on the librem 5. With regards to password managers, I have seen, only, apps to the keypass format for the phone, currently.


Nothing from a repository but may be something you could use:

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Thanks for pass-ing by, regarding gui quality, don’t worry, my last gui was in 2000.

I will give them a try and provide some feedback.

I can’t ACK the above. I run pass on all my FreeBSD laptops and on the L5, on the latter together with the OpenPGP card. I have around 350 secrets store (browser credentials, banking, PINs, …) When I do need a secret on the L5, I run in its terminal the following (here in a SSH session for easy cut&paste to the browser where I’m typing this small demo):

$ pass test

                     β”‚ Please unlock the card                       β”‚
                     β”‚                                              β”‚
                     β”‚ Number: 0005 0000A6FE                        β”‚
                     β”‚ Holder: Matthias Apitz                       β”‚
                     β”‚                                              β”‚
                     β”‚ PIN ******__________________________________ β”‚
                     β”‚                                              β”‚
                     β”‚      <OK>                        <Cancel>    β”‚

The word secret is what pass test decrypted with GnuPG.
After any usage of pass the OpenPGP card gets locked again, so that it can’t be stolen unlocked.

What is missing on the L5 is a plug-in for the browser, like I have it on FreeBSD with firefox. When you are on certain URL with the browser, where credentials are required (for example your bank account) you press an icon in FF which takes the URL and asks some daemon decrypting the pass file, for example ~/.password-store/web/, this in turn aks for the OpenPGP unlock PIN and when provided the plug-in gets the credentials and fills them in into the browser window.

indeed, bringing passff to the web app would super nice.

with regards to the cli, I am more concerned about commands to manage the password store and the integration with git.

BTW. I always struggle to setup pass on a new system, I never know how to initialize the store and perform the first sync (git clone??).that process always feels unintuitive.

There’s quite a number of Pass apps I’ve found: (I am pretty sure that I’ve come across some more that aren’t on LPA yet, just search for keywords like β€œPinePhone” on the popular code hosting platforms)

I tried most of them, but being a lazy KeePass user, I can’t really say much about how they fare in daily use. From my limited experience, caerbannog seemed like a winner.