Support for programs on UICC (SIM) card (BankID for mobile)

Do the Librem 5 have support for interacting with programs on the UICC card (smart card) aside from SIM?

In Norway we have an authentication system called BankID for mobile, which is based on sending OTP messages (hidden SMS) to the mobile and have a program on the UICC card ask for a pin-code and then verify the authentication. The UICC card is used as a Secure Element (SE). So it is a form for two-factor authentication, some secret on the card and a pin-code.

I tried to authenticate myself using BankID for mobile, but I got an error in the browser that initiate the authentication, which I expected would happen. What I did not expect was that my UICC card after that was broken. It did not work in the Librem 5 phone, an Android phone nor on an iOS phone. I suspect some kind of “self-destruct” tamper protection, but I am not sure. Perhaps the Librem 5 was detected as some kind of hacking device? I will warn against using BankID for mobile on the Librem 5.

However as the BankID for mobile is being phased out in favour of an Android or iOS app it is not worth putting effort into supporting that specific UICC program. But I am still curious as to whether UICC programs are supported at all on the Librem 5?